Sangeet Manthan
Launching a publication of a series of articles about " Indian Classical Music " by
Dr. Sudha Madhusudan Patwardhan
First Article: Dasara, October 24, 2012
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Article 1: General Discussion
Article 2:  What is a Raag
Article 3: Raag: More Facts
Article 4: Classification of Raagas
Article 5: Types of Bhairav
Article 6: Evening Twilight Raagas
Article 7: Bilaaval That: Night Raagas
Article 8: Why do they sing in slow tempo?
Article 9: Guru Purnimaa: A Taraanaa Workshop
Article 10: Rainy Season Raagas
Article 11: Comparison between similar Raagas
Article 12: Comparison between similar Raagas
Article 13:  Look at Bandish when you sing
Article 14:  Enjoying and developing the Raag
Article 15:  Theory and Practice